2018 ~ 52 rings challenge - Week 7

This week's ring is kind of a dud, but only because there was some silver solder on my brick that i didn't see and it got on my pretty copper bezel wire and messed up the pattern. I guess that will teach me I should always tap off my brick between silver and copper projects! The back of the stone is open though- it has a little shelf inside the bezel wire from square copper wire that the rounded back of the fossil sits on. I used my whetstone to flatten it out some so it wouldn't jab the finger, but the open back allows the ring to be lighter on the hand and I think it's a good technique to use when you have a stone that is irregular or interesting on the obverse. This is my new burl wood st

2018 ~ 52 rings challenge - Week 6

Red River Turquoise in sterling silver This week's ring was truly a challenge! for the life of me, I couldn't saw a straight line, they all slanted to the right- which I guess is ok since they were all slanting at the same angle, but it was frustrating nonetheless. This lovely Red River turquoise has soft blue-greens (matches my studio) and a kind of hazy, dreamy pattern. I like the way the 24 gauge wall with slight texturing on the edge contrasts with the smoothness of the cab too. I think I'll leave this one bright silver, although it would look nice with a dark patina as well. I'll be teaching a less frustrating version of this in my class in March- Bezel Explorations.

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