This striking necklace is made of a hand forged copper moon pod with raw amethyst and quartz crystals dangling over it.

Suitable to wear as is, this moon goddess necklace can also be home to sacred earth, a bit of special fabric, or even have some tiny plants gracing its hollow.

The double copper chain has the pendant resting around the 22 inch mark, but it is customizable from 18 inches to 24 inches for no additional charge. 


The copper is coated to protect the color, but can wear off over time. If you notice the clear jewelry grade lacquer coming off, you can lightly apply clear nailpolish to the spot to protect the finish or you can send it back to us for the lacquer to be reapplied. (Drop in to the studio or mail it to us!)

Moon Goddess Necklace

SKU: 0001
  • Made of copper and natural stones. Natural stones have inclusions and can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaning. We do not recommend you wear your jewelry while swimming, showering, doing yard work, etc. Copper does react with the acidity of skin - for most people, the reaction is mild and may cause a slight greenish tint or a black tint- usually when sweating. the use of skin products and cosmetics may exacerbate this reaction. If you develop a redness or itching, please remove the jewelry and wash the affected area. For most wearers, the green/black tint will go away after a day or two of wear as the skin acclimates to the metal. (If you have a change in your chemistry due to medication, stress, hormones, etc, a piece that has not reacted to you may begin to react again. Once your chemistry restabilizes, the color will go away)

  • All jewelry sales are final. Please be sure of the size you need prior to placing your order and reference the measurements provided for the scale of the piece. 

    As most of our pieces are one of a kind, we can offer store credit or an exchange for a like piece for items that have been damaged in shipping or through a quality defect in the materials. Please be sure to follow all stone handling guides when cleaning, wearing and storing your pieces. 

    If the piece has been damaged through an accident or improper wear/handling, we will gladly provide a quote to repair the piece. 

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