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Artist Statement- Brandy M Boyd

I have loved art since I was a child. Even if I didn’t understand what it meant, I enjoyed the way it made me feel- how it made me feel a myriad of emotions and think all kinds of thoughts. My grandparents encouraged me to be a ‘maker’- to tinker and to create. I’m sure those early projects weren’t what anyone would consider art, but they instilled an appreciation for the process of making and created the habit of creativity.

I am as fascinated by the processes as I am the finished works, so I studied art history in college. This introduced me to so many styles and influences. I weave bits and pieces of the visual as well as the philosophical influences of artists and movements that I feel connected to. I subscribe to the idea that things should be made to last as well. I take great care in the craftsmanship of my work and the quality of my materials.

I continue the ‘family business’ of working in the technical world by day and weaving maker magic by night (and on the weekends). My goal, not just in my art, but also in my interactions with people, is to make life more beautiful. We, as a society, focus a lot of our energy on ‘results’ without taking into consideration the journey. For me, the process of making a piece is just as valuable as the finished piece and I am passionate about helping others connect to their inner maker. Our wellbeing as people is improved by the act of making- our lives are made richer and the world around us becomes more connected.

Ultimately, this is how I change the world and make it a better place- one piece of art at a time, one story, one connection. 

Brandy Boyd 2019.jpg

Artist Resume


B.A. Art History, University of Memphis 1997-2002

Senior Instructor, Art Clay World, Jackie Truty 

New Mokume Gane, Art Clay World, Jackie Truty

Level 1 & Level 2 certification, PMC Connection, Linda Kline 

Cloisonne Enameling, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Harlan Butt

Enameling on Vessel Forms, Appalachian Center for Craft, Sarah Perkins

Eastern Repousse. Victoria Lansford

Certified Instructor - Camp PMC

Professional Experience

Metalsmith Instructor, Memphis Botanic Gardens, 2007-present

Studio artist, BMB Designs Studio, 2012-present

Metalsmith Instructor, Arrow Creative. 2020-present

Workshop Instructor, Arkansas Craft School, 2020-present

Demonstrating Artist, Pink Palace Arts & Crafts Show, 2014-present

Special Projects volunteer, Metal Museum 2014-2015, 2019

Demonstrating Artist, River Arts, 2015-present

Demonstrating Artist, Tennessee Craft Week, 2016

Metal Clay Today contributing author 2017- Present

Metal Clay Today Editor Dec 2018- Present

Author of Camp PMC Artisan 106 Enameling course, 2019


TN Craft 50th anniversary exhibit @ Centennial Art Center, 2015

Collaborations @ MJCC, 2016, 2017, 2018

Brooks Holiday Artist Market, 2014, 2015

TN Craft Spring Fair, 2015

TN Craft Fall Fair, 2014

Cooper-Young Festival, 2012-2015

Cosmic Trunk Show 2015, 2016

Crafts & Drafts, 2015, 2016, 2018

Pink Palace Arts & Crafts fair, 2014-2019

River Arts, 2015-2019

Broad Ave Art walk, 2013

V&E Art Walk, 2013-2015

East Buntyn Art Walk, 2012-2019

Crosstown 'Clectic, 2016, 2017

Art Harvest @ Jay Etkin Gallery, 2017

Professional Affiliations: 

AMCAW - 2018- present. Education Committee, 2021 Chair

Tennessee Craft - SW chapter

Enamelist Society


Camp PMC

Art Clay World 

Metal Clay Today Magazine

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